Best Party Places in Zanzibar

Everything is ready for your trip to Zanzibar, right? Your bags are packed, your passport is in hand, and your heart is set on an adventure. We hope you’ve got the right mindset and are ready to explore the enchanting beauty and cultural heritage this island nation offers.

What about the plan for your trip? Have you already booked an organic food buffet to taste the amazing local food and enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the farm? It’s time to plan what you’ll do at night. Don’t say that you’re planning to sleep. Your trip would only be complete with experiencing the pulsating nightlife of Zanzibar. It’s renowned for its thrilling mix of African rhythms, beachside parties, and laid-back bars.

We hope you’re ready to imbibe that energy, enjoy the melodies and join the crowd dancing at the bar. This guide aims to take you through the best party places Zanzibar offers. Let’s start!

Is Zanzibar Nightlife Worth It: What To Expect From It?

Although we vividly described the atmosphere reigning in Zanzibar after dark, people’s preferences are different. Nightlife in your native country can drastically differ from the one in Zanzibar. This problem can be solved by finding the right destination, but the plume of local traditions will be felt anyway.

The unique culture of Zanzibar is a blend of African, Indian, Persian, and European cultures that forms a nightlife unlike any other. The key thing you should expect from it is a lot of fun. Beach parties are the big here, with bonfires, fairy lights, and the sea that is setting the mood for some unforgettable fun. Nightclubs and bars often host special events featuring great DJs that will keep you on the dance floor all night.

Don’t be surprised to find restaurants turning into late-night hangouts, offering cool drinks and music by the beach. The blend of warm tropical nights, a cool sea breeze, and starlit skies create a captivating party scene that’s hard to resist. One thing’s for sure, though, Zanzibar’s nightlife is an adventure you will want to experience.

Top 5 Bars in Zanzibar

Let’s enter the Zanzibar bar scene first. It’ll give us a perfect start for discovering local nightlife. You can start your night at any of the bars to prepare for a long and exciting night.

Gerry’s Bar

This location is perfect for those eager to enjoy nightlife somewhere away from the main crowded streets. Nungwi Beach is known for stunning sunsets, able to drive everyone crazy. As the sun begins to lower, go here, order a cocktail, and take some time to stare at the sunset on the beach. And after a while, delve into dancing with the crowd. Besides serving delicious dishes of local and European cuisine, Gerry’s Bar often hosts DJs and live music bands. Come here and chill!

Location. Nungwi

Mercury’s Bar

If you’re an avid fan of Freddie Mercury’s art or just have heard a few of his songs, it’s worth paying homage to the legend born on this island. Mercury’s Bar can be a good place for you to hand on. Do you have a specific taste for cocktails? Go here, and bartenders will mix everything to satisfy you. It would be good for you to book a seat here on Saturday due to the live music events that are being held.

Location Stone town

La Base Bar

If you accidentally want to feel at home in Zanzibar, add La Base Bar as the next destination on your Google Maps. La Base has a lively atmosphere where soothing music and cheerful chatter set the stage for an unforgettable experience. It’s where every gastronomic delight, from classic Italian to global cuisine, is brought to life by professional chefs using only the freshest ingredients. Their terrace is a real cherry on top. La Base is truly a haven of joy and comfort that travelers find hard to leave.

Location Kiwengwa

CHE Rock Bar

It claims to be the ‘No.1 Rock bar in Zanzibar’. Your upcoming trip is a chance to test it. CHE Rock Bar is a big player in the local nightlife. Here you’ll see a mix of different people, ones waiting for the soccer play to drink beer with friends, and others wanting to drink some cocktails with friends and discuss pressing problems of themselves. That’s the nightlife as it is.

Location Nungwi

Scooby Doo Beach Bar

This nice beach destination stylized as the famous movie won’t leave you indifferent. Judging by the travellers reviews, Scooby Doo Bar is a top choice for travelers looking for a place to have a cocktail in midday or planning to enjoy an evening chill. Its quirky name and look add to its charm, but what really stands out is the friendly staff. At Scooby Doo Beach Bar, you’re not just a customer – you’re part of the family.

Location Jambiani

Top 5 Nightclubs in Zanzibar

Do you feel that the bar atmosphere isn’t the one that can make you dance all night long? Zanzibar nightclubs are waiting for you. With a range of venues playing everything from local beats to international hits, there’s something for every party-goer. Do you want the best? We’ve got you covered.

Komba Club

This is the pearl of Stone Town in Zanzibar, and if you’re used to the European view of nightclubs – spend some time here. Komba Club regularly organizes DJ sets, so you get a chance to come off in full. Komba Club has pool tables and offers visitors a variety of dishes to order. However, we think that drinks and dancing till you drop interest you more.

Location Stone Town

Demani Lodge

You may not find this facility in the list of the best Zanzibar nightclubs on other resources because it’s primarily a hostel. This destination is the right fit for travelers who want a nightclub to hand out like a local. Besides the hostel, Demani Lodge features a bar and a dancefloor with DJ sets held regularly. Thus it’s reasonable to consider it a good place to party all night long and stay overnight.

Location Paje

Tiki Beach Club

Some travelers in Zanzibar choose Tiki as their primary destination since it offers hotel services, a restaurant, a private beach, and even a place to take a walk. But we are here to discover the nightlife destinations Tiki offers. This club is located directly on a beach, where you can drink fresh specialty cocktails and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. Visiting Tiki Beach means getting the chance to enjoy DJs’ performances for an affordable fee. Parties are held every Saturday, so plan your weekend in advance and book an entrance not to miss the best night in your life.

Location Bwejuu

Patamu (Tatu)

Stone Town is the best area for party lovers, and Tatu (now Patamu) is another nightlife destination that proves it. Even it is not really club, but here is perfect start your clubing night. Here you could hear good music, low price beer and most important spectacular sunset. Even so you could spend all night here since location could get pretty crowded sometimes due it proximity to all hotels.

Location Stone Town

B4 Beach Club

Are you ready to open the door to another world? B4 can become your portal. If you want to enjoy a night party with electronic music, come here on Tuesday or Saturday. Well-known DJs from around the world jazz up the dance till midnight. Besides the beach club, B4 has a beach hotel where you can enjoy calmness and privacy, B4 Kite gives locals and tourists the chance to learn kitesurfing and get unforgettable emotions. Who knows, you may want to explore all destinations and services B4 offers. A little party in B4 Beach Club will be a perfect start!

Location Paje

A Few Tips to Have a Good Time in Zanzibar

Zanzibar isn’t a country with strict rules, customs, etc. Locals are very friendly and loyal to tourists, so you’ll hardly have any troubles here. However, keep in mind a few moments before you land here. Let’s discuss them.

  1. Dress appropriately. Most of Zanzibar’s population are Muslims, so consider it when choosing clothes to take. No one asks you to wear the burqa or anything similar, but you’d better prefer modest clothing over revealing one.
  2. Have enough cash. Not all nightlife destinations in Zanzibar accept credit cards, so you must carry some cash to avoid misunderstandings with waiters.
  3. Visit safe places only. Venues we included in our list are generally safe. The tourist didn’t have any issues there. Avoid suspicious bars in remote areas and keep your belongings close all the time.

A few basic things, but excited tourists thinking about how they’ll transfer to the sunny Zanzibar beach from the airport often need to catch these points. Take a screenshot or make notes, and your time on this stunning island will be absolutely unforgettable.

The Bottom Line

Although we distributed the chosen nightlife destinations between two categories: bars and nightclubs, you see that there are live music venues and beach party places on our list. Zanzibar is a place where everyone can find entertainment to their taste. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful beach party on the coast of the Indian Ocean, or you’re a crazy party animal who needs to dance to EDM to be happy – Zanzibar has the right place for you.

If you still get lost let take us to show tips and tricks how to party in Zanzibar. Join our pub crawl tour

We are sure you’ll fall in love with Zanzibar after experiencing its charm. The enchanting rhythms of local melodies after dark will make you create some space for this island in your heart. Have a nice trip!

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