Zanzibar Horse Ride
Swim, ride and explore island with horse

Want to try unique experience in Zanzibar. Zanzibar horse ride could be the one. Even it sound strange at first, but when you consider pros which could give it is very good option to explore Zanzibar.

Some thoughts why it is good idea:

  • Horses are eco-friendly
  • You get to find areas that are typically inaccessible by and too far by foot
  • It provides a more immersive experience since you’ll be moving a slower pace compared to a vehicle ride
  • It’s a completely different way to experience the wilderness and just about anyone can ride
  • It looks good and interesting on pictures.

Horse ride is for everyone

Choose type of ride you want to try. 

  • Morning beach ride
  • Evening sunset rides
  • Rides with Swiming
  • Cultural village rides
  • Custom

Approximate ride price per person

Time Price
90 Minutes $80.00
60 Minutes $60.00
30 Minutes $40.00

Important information

All rides will be accompanied by at least one member of staff.
We recommend that riders wear long trousers/leggings on their rides for comfort but shorts are permissible
All riders must wear helmets which will be provided
Please wear trainers or boots or alternatively we can provide riding boots which being waterproof are also perfect for wearing in to the sea if you choose to swim
Full liability insurance
Please arrive a few minutes early for your ride in order to be fitted for your hat and boots

Get in touch to start horse ride experience in Zanzibar