Lifetime Chance to Swim With Dolphins
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Swim With Dolphins 

This trip offers you the experience of a lifetime chance to swim with Dolphins (Humpback and Bottlenose Dolphins) in their natural habitat. If you are lucky and dolphins are in a good mood they could swim with you very long and very close. Sometimes even 1m distance.


The Zanzibar dolphin tour starts very early since it is the best time to watch dolphins. It is an 80 % chance of doing it. The trip will start in the Kizimkazi Fishing Village, which is one of the oldest capital of Zanzibar Island. While watching dolphins also admire the wonderful coral reef, a variety of coloured fishes and attractive marine creature through snorkelling.

For 1-6 and more people

From Stone Town 143 83 63 53 47 43
From Beach Hotel 169 96 72 59 52 47