Surfing and Snorkeling Tour
Join three different activities in on fabulous trip

About Surfing and Snorkeling Tour

Our famous Dongwe Doughnut surf trip is a great day excursion if you want to do more than just surfing. This trip combines three different activities in the beautiful waters right off Dongwe, where we jump in a covered fiberglass boat packed with surfboards, snacks and water and start our salty adventure.


First stop is in the deep water channels, where you get to experience our unique underwater wing. Equipped with a snorkel mask you get towed behind the boat holding on to the wing. The underwater wing brings you down deeply and in the same speed back up to the surface. Spins and dolphin-like moves are part of the fun and everybody gets the chance to try his or her mermaid skills.


We then continue to Blue Lagoon, the by far best snorkel lagoon on the Southeast Coast. A snack stop combined with some snorkeling await you here. Just with the change of tides we then make our way to Dongwe Doughnuts, our favorite surf spot as everybody will find a wave here. The advanced surfers can paddle to the outside section of the reef, where they can find a decent shoulder to headhigh fun wave on most days. With our beginner surfers and first-timers we stay in the inside section, where we have two spots with perfect beginner waves. After a good surf and some fun waves we make our way back to the boat and beach.

Number of people from 1-6 and more

From south 125 100 91 87 85 83  
From north 150 112 100 93 90 87