Jozani Forest (Zanzibar National Park)
Visit only one national park in Zanzibar and home of Red Colobus monkey

The Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park is a 50 km2 (19 sq mi) national park of Tanzania located on the island of Zanzibar. It is the only national park in Zanzibar. The park is famous for the endangered Red Colobus monkeys. The other 54 mammals found in Zanzibar include 23 species of bats (popo in Swahili). Along with small animals, Zanzibar is known for several oversized species, such as the giant rat (Cricetomys gambianus cosensi), which can be up to a metre (3 ft) long with the tail. A revenue sharing program from park entrance fees has been used to construct schools and health clinics for local villages.

The trip to Zanzibar National Park (Jozani Forest) involves the visit to high, dense groundwater forest. Home for Red Colobus Monkey rare species only found in Zanzibar. The Monkeys are wild, but it’s possible to get really close to them. Other animals to be seen include Blue Sykes Monkeys, Elephant shrews, and Bushbabies. Guarantee you were never been so close to the monkey.
After that you will visit mangrove: The Conservation Authority has built a board walking through the Mangroves so that one can observe them or the wildlife without tramping on.