Dar es Salaam City Tour
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About Dar City tour

WELCOME to Dar es Salaam City Tour professionally organized by Zanzibar Local Experience, to give you a glimpse of Dar es Salaam’s unique mixture of nature, history, architecture. It is an approximately 4-5 hours round trip which will take you through the tour road to help you fall in love with Dar es Salaam city.


Old Boma Building

The Dar city Tour begins at this extra ordinary Building. It is one of the oldest in town. It houses a permanent exhibition to take your imagination, on to the past Dar es Salaam. Here expect to learn about the founding of Dar es Salaam, historical contacts with the outside world and MgNighted with the Importance of sustainable conservation of shared heritage. Climb up stairs for a rooftop restaurant with the amazing scenic view of the Dar es Salaam harbor. Eventually feeding your eyes with out of this world view of Bandari Salama.The Old Boma also houses a curio shop and tourism information offices. Continue exploring guided by our professional tour guide.

Askari Monument
Have a look at this peculiar, famous historical monument while on the tour road. The monument was unveiled in 1927 during British Colonial rule designed to symbolize the Memory to soldiers who fought in the British Carrier corps during WW1. To make it more colorful the tour will also head down to Kivukoni fish market to let you experience fishermen trading on the seafood catch. Enjoy sightseeing the fisherman boats and beauty of the Dar es Salaam harbor. The Dar es Salaam city tour road will also include visits to the following tour spots for your lasting experience. Visit to this site will greatly equip visitors with valuable historical information.

National museum
The museum and House of culture serve as important centre for public education through exhibitions and public education displaying information on origins of human beings, history of Tanzania, biology and Tanzanian culture.

Village museum
Where an exhibition of Tanzania over 120 tribes and their cultural traits is represented for you to see. Learn and appreciate this unique diversity.

Dar es Salaam City tour village museum

Tingatinga Arts Center
A visit here will stand as a proof that, “the art of drawing in color is part and parcel Of black man’s culture. Learn and experience the making of the world famous Tingatinga, founded by proudly local artist namely Edward Said Tingatinga. Don’t forget to buy one for your indelible memory.