Five Things to See and Do in Zanzibar

Zanzibar`s stature as an island paradise has grown over the years. Zanzibar comprises two large islands – Pemba and Ungoja among other small islands. This beautiful island offers an ideal setting for recreation and relaxation. It is an idyllic destination for both beach and sun lovers. The island is filled with stunning beaches, not to mention its cultural charm. Here is a list of five things to see and do in Zanzibar.

Head to Palace museum

Also known as the Sultan`s Palace, Palace museum is a must-see for any visitor. Having been built in the 19th century as a residence for the Sultan and his family, it is probably the most historic building in Stone Town. Today, the palace serves as a museum that showcases relics of the ancient Sultan family. The Palace Museum is strategically positioned in the waterfront, overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Jozani Forest

Once on the island, you can take an easy day trip to this indigenous forest. Located at the heart of Zanzibar, Jonazi forest offers a great view of towering palms and mangroves that visitors can enjoy on a guided tour. Tourists can trade the beach for this jungle, which plays homage to red Colobus Monkeys and the rare Zanzibari Leopard. Tourists also get a chance to sport a large variety of butterflies and birds, as well as learn about the ecosystem.

Visit Prison Island

Prison Island was land that was used to detain slaves, and later as a camp for people with deadly diseases after the slave trade ended. Taking a thirty-minute boat trip from Zanzibar will offer a compelling glimpse into the island`s slightly dark past. Fortunately enough, the island is now a nature reserve that hosts giant tortoises and a place where visitors can see the ruins that once acted as a prison. The tortoises are said to be around 300 years old.

Take a Spice Tour

Another way for visitors to immerse themselves into the local Zanzibar culture is by exploring the island’s spice industry. Spice trade is one of the wealthiest and profitable businesses that will offer you a feel of the island`s local culture. You can choose a variety of guided trips and explore the winding streets as professional tour guides inform you of the origins and roots of the industry. Visitors get to learn about the spices produced and traded in the island.

Ride a Dala Dala

A trip to Zanzibar cannot be complete without taking a little ride on the island’s Dala Dala minibusses. They are mostly found in Stone Town from where you can access almost anywhere on the island. These Dala Dala are known for being packed, sweaty, and have a questionable safety record. However, they are the cheapest means of transport to get around the island and are a good experience.

Very few places in the world can induce a feeling and image of an island paradise like Zanzibar. This semi-autonomous territory, located off the Tanzanian coast, offers a unique cultural flavor and heritage. Listed above are things to see and do in Zanzibar that will offer you a unique experience and tranquil setting for pure relaxation. You will surely find your personal slice of paradise on the island. 

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