Exploring Tanzania For A Memorable Experience

Tanzania is a cool place where everyone who would like to enjoy their vacation should consider visiting. What is a good holiday destination without friendly people, good food and beautiful places to explore?

Mountain climbing

Tanzania has the honors of having the highest mountain peak across the African continent. With Mount Kilimanjaro within its borders avid mountain climbers can test their skills by daring to take this imposing challenge head one. There is visible ice on top of the peaks and a picturesque view when you are there.

National parks

There is no better way to enjoy Mother Nature than to see wild animals in their natural surroundings. You will enjoy watching not just the lovely vegetation but the animals walking with all their majesty in their kingdom. There is an amazing diversity of places national parks to explore from the world famous Serengeti National Park, Ngorogoro National Park to Gome National Park.

Monkeys crossing a road in Lake Manara

Local culture

Tanzania happens to have a rich culture rooted in Swahili customs. Many of the citizens converse in Swahili and you can ensure you take some time to learn a few words from the language spoken across the East African region.  One of the widespread custom is the kangas which are shawls inscripted with a poetic message and is usually worn by ladies. Buy one for your lady or if you are one get yourself one as a souvenir of your visit in Tanzania


There is also a vibrant music industry which accommodates both the young and the older generation. Get your dancing shoes ready to dance to some Bongo songs or taarab music which is more popular along the expansive Tanzanian coastline. Take some time to enjoy the music from the comfort of your hotel room or by strolling through the entertainment joints. The clubs are spread out across the country but happen to be livelier in Dar es Salaam which is more of the commercial city of the country and also in Zanzibar.

Festival on February 13-16 Music Festival called BUSARA FESTIVAL


A visit to Tanzania is not complete without setting foot in Zanzibar which is a semi-autonomous island off the Indian Ocean coast. It is known to have clear blue waters, white sands which gives the place a feeling of paradise. The options here are endless:

Stone Town

This is the place to be if you want to enjoy the real Zanzibar culture. You will find a mixture of different generations all involved in their own activities. In the evening you can enjoy the sunset by joining the residents in Forodhani Gardens. This is one place where many come to enjoy the sun set in the horizon as they talk about their life, experiences while making memories. Ensure you make some good memories while in here.

pineapple in market


With a clear blue sky and waters that are just waiting for you to dive in them it not fair for you to just watch the dhows sail in the Indian Ocean. Get yourself some diving gear and explore the waters. Make every moment in the island be an experience you will never forget. There is also snorkeling gear which is on offer from many providers who are spread across the major diving sites.


Ditch your usual diet and take time to explore the Zanzibar cuisine which is lovely. Let your tastebuds explore the adventure that is Zanzibar food. There is so much to enjoy from the Zanzibar cuisine such as pweza which is popular and is usually grilled. Well, you may ask what is pweza? This is just the Swahili word for octopus.

Do not waste time on thinking elsewhere to go when you already have this gem of a place waiting fo your presence. Take your time to prepare your travel arrangements with us and we will surely deliver an amazing and memorable experience worth the money.


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